2016-2017 group shows

Just a quick update about some group shows I've been involved in over the last year. In Late 2016 I had the chance to exhibit my work in the Philippines as a part of two group exhibitions. One was at the space 98B COLLABoratory, where I showed the series "I AM BORN AGAIN HARD", and the other was an exhibition called "Inside Outside Inside On" at J-studio.

"Inside Outside Inside On presents work by a group of emerging artists from Australia and the Philippines who seek to investigate and manifest internal aspects of human experience. The artists in this exhibition look underneath clothes, behind eyelids, beneath the skin, and inside the mind, extracting and exploring what they find to reveal that which is usually hidden from view. From flesh and entrails to violent fantasies and visual hallucinations, inner worlds and workings are externalised and exposed for all to see. Any sense of violation is negated by the artists’ active participation in this act. It is both confronting and comforting to be in this way
exposed to the universal strangeness of ourselves."

Both of these exhibitions were organised by Boxplot, and I was awarded a Graduate Support Grant from Adelaide Central School of Art to assist with the cost of exhibiting the work. Below are some install shots and an image of my new series of gold prints, "This Is Mercy", that was exhibited at J-Studio. 

I was also delighted to be invited to be a part of an exhibition called "Hidden Agenda" at Trocadero Artspace in Melbourne. Curated by Casey Jenkins of Craft Cartel, "Hidden Agenda" was an exploration of hidden and suppressed gender worlds by 30+ female & gender-queer visual artists, activists & performers from 4 continents performing both live & by proxy. I was invited to show my work "All Due Restraint", and thoroughly enjoyed the process of installing it all over again. With so many figurines and a different support to install them on, each install offers the oppurtunity for different relationships between the figures to be created. 

The exhibition was also photographed by Matto Lucas (+Melbourne Art Review). Below are some of those images and you can see the whole lot here: http://mattolucas.com/melbourne-art-review/hidden-agenda