MORE 2015!

Just a short blog post. Aside from exhibiting my work in Melbourne with Brunswick Street Gallery, I also contributed a work to the annual FELTspace auction. The work in question (shown below) was a one off edition of 'I Am The Hydra' painted gold. It was the result of studio experimentation with painting or coating my own figurines, and it was great to have someone like it enough to want to take it home!

ope to see Now I am busy making works for my solo show at Floating Goose Studios in February of 2016, as well as working on two installation pieces for 'Otherworld'. This exhibition is in November, it's hosted in Glenside's beautiful and somewhat creepy Z Ward, and is the perfect site for what I have planned. I'm very excited, and  I'll be exhibiting with some awesome artists, so it's sure to be a blast. 

That's all for now!