Welcome to my website!

So here's my first blog post, where I'll try to start and remain in the habit of updating the site with any news regarding exhibitions and the like. The first piece of news for 2014 is that I have had some of my graduate work chosen to be a part of the 2014 Helpmann Academy Graduate exhibition.  

"The Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition 2014 is the showcase exhibition of South Australia's freshest emerging artists. Thirty-three have been selected from graduates from the Helpmann Academy's visual arts partners. 

6:00pm, Thursday February 13th
Drill Hall, Torrens Parade Ground 
Victoria Drive, Adelaide 

Featuring the work of Lily Ahlefeldt, Richard Austin, Alex Bishop-Thorpe, John Blines,Tom Borgas, Cassie Broad, Emily Clinton, Carolyn Corletto, David Court, Lucas Croall, Angela Giuliani, Jessica Hansen, Angelica Harris-Faull, Amy Herrmann, Cheryl Hutchens, Zoe Kirkwood, Bekki Klix, Kylie Macey, Alice Mahoney, Monika Morgenstern, Maggie Moy, Roger Myles, Sophia Nuske, Paul David Perry, Amy Pfitzner, Courtney Rodgers, Hayley Rowlands, Derek Derek, Julie Strawinski. JessTaylor, Clancy Warner, Ruth Wilson, Rosemary White"

Lots of names, should be an exciting show if you can make it!

Also, from February 7 for around a month, I'll be displaying some of my models in the vitrines in the St Peter's Library. The library is at 101 Payneham Rd, St Peters, and the vitrines (there are 6) are upstairs. If you're in the area, check it out - I've been excited to been given the opportunity to make some stuff after taking a short break after the grad show.  It's all in progress at the moment, and I'll keep you updated, but basically the models explore the way replicas can be used to commemorate events, play out desires, or make physical an intent. Lots of models of me, interacting with each other in bizarre, impossible and occasionally murderous ways. Again, work in progress.

I think that's it for now, I'll leave you with a progress shot of the library works.