Jess Taylor,  Vulnerable (3),  Lenticular Print, 2013  Photography James Feld

Jess Taylor, Vulnerable (3), Lenticular Print, 2013

Photography James Feld


Jess Taylor is fascinated with images of violence. More than this, she is fascinated by the belief that representations of violence are able to invade reality; that they may provide a sense of cathartic relief to those that view them, inspire bad behaviour, or manifest an emotional reality, such as fear. Jess is fascinated by the gaze of the viewer and the subjectivity they each bring to images of violence, as without these subjective gazes, the boundary between reality and representation remains absolute.

Her work seeks to interrogate this boundary between reality and representation, to explore the ability of one to bleed into the other. Perception is distorted in order to undermine the objectivity of vision, while voyeurism is invited to provoke the viewer into contemplating the implicit role they each play in the manifestation of violence.